In the Beginning

Welcome to the (hopefully) regular blog for Albertine Press.

Perhaps the biggest piece of news is the upcoming studio move. For the past year the print shop has occupied a little room in an old medicine factory in Lynn. It has a great big barn door, is incredibly drafty, and is full of woodworker's dust from the friendly neighbor furniture craftsmen. It also has charm and a dear place in my heart for being the first real home to Albertine Press.

But ho! I now have the keys to a much larger, brighter, dust-free space on the Cambridge/Somerville line. I'm told there is a chocolatier across the hall, whose acquaintance we will most certainly have to make. The office taking up a room in our apartment will also be relocated, along with the 20,000-odd envelopes and pieces of paper which more than occasionally overwhelm well more than that one room.

Men with big trucks are due at the end of the week to move several tons of cast iron, steel, and lead from the old shop to the new. Yay for men and big trucks.

In the meantime, there are four custom jobs to print, many new lines of greeting cards to finalize, and of course, a shop and an office to pack and start moving. It's going to be some week.

I hope that chocolatier has samples.

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