A New Addition

This week I bought yet another press. This is a very dangerous and addictive habit. The new addition to the little (three-ton) family brings the grand total to seven presses, as follows (photos coming soon):

Beezu - a treadle-platen C+P 10x15 (which just got a motor with the hopes of automating someday soon)

Gertrude - sister C+P 10x15, missing the treadle, but has a lovely little motor to keep her running

Igorina (Iggy) - a much-altered C+P 10x15 that was retrofitted with a kluge autofeeder, which was later removed, but still has much of that skeleton fused into her - motorized, auto-jogging, fun little beast

Precious - Vandercook #4 - my precious, my precious

Little Beezu/Kelsey F - Kelsey 9x13 Model F - mother of a table top, a real bear to operate, but prints just fine

Kelsey O - Kelsey 5x8 Model O - has brand new rollers but needs some tlc before she's ready for printing

Bubbeleh - Baltimore 2x3 - has no chase or rollers, but operates remarkably smoothly for such an old fogey - circa 1875

... and we mustn't forget Chomp, the turn of the century C+P guillotine cutter - much in need of a new cutting blade, but a valiant steed none-the-less.

I'd love to adopt another Vandercook proof press one of these days - that would make the family complete!