New Year's Goings-on

Lots of goodness happening in the shop in the new year.

First, all of the big presses are running - fabulous Robin and Mark have come to the rescue and helped set in the flywheels on the big beasts and remove extraneous parts from Iggy. I'd like to talk about Iggy for a minute: she huffs and puffs, and actually grunts like a big warthog or a train on crack. It's rather endearing. Especially the little *ding* when you switch from trip to print.

Second, the new spring catalogs finally arrived and look great. I'm very excited to send them out - in a few hours! The project for the rest of the weekend will be to update the designs on the website as well. Then to actually print all of these cards so we'll have something to send to all these stores when the orders come rolling in.

Third, Albertine Press is going to be featured in the April issue of Country Living Magazine - estimated readership of 1.7 million people! Look for Marisa's "Fish Wish" card when it hits newsstands in late March. More updates on that later.

Lastly, well, no, that's it, but it's all pretty darn exciting, would you say?