Loud and Clear

I just finished a new set of wedding invitations with an effect that I'm especially pleased with - it's a transparent and white ink mix, so very pale pale pale. Not quite a blind deboss, which is with no ink whatsoever.

My instinct says this is going to be very popular this year - the whole blind (or nearly so) deboss. It's a really nice effect with "modern" letterpressing (thick cotton paper and no-holds-barred impression).

Not my first clear ink project - a few months back I designed and printed some business cards for a woodworker neighbor. His business name is Inwood so I created a woodgrain design for him. This I printed in a transparent ink, which just intensified the brown of the paper below - a neat trick I learned from a silkscreener at SVA who used transparent base to get a great yet sublimely subtle endpaper design for one of his artists' books.

The finished card.

A detail of the woodgrain.

Here's to being in the clear.

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