Paper & Chocolate love

Oh wow - I need to send a huge thank you out there to everyone who stopped by the shop over the weekend - Paper & Chocolate (2) was a HUGE success! Visitors included friends, family (and our biggest promoter, my grandmother...), people on the Open Studios walk, letterpress afficionados, chocolate lovers, and many repeat offenders who loved our last event so much that they came again (with their own friends and family!). Even my mom ran the presses...

The special keepsake this time round was a bookmark, printed with a vintage Art Nouveau cut and a wee bit of an unidentified monotype font. The cut has suffered some over the years but is still ever-so-lovely.

The big hits of the weekend were without question Last Duck graduation and the limited edition mother's day card, but the bright World Notes sets and brand new coasters also had a strong showing. I so rarely have a chance to see how people react to the cards in person that it's really nice to have this opportunity to lay out everything on the table (quite literally) and watch what happens. The fabulous display is all thanks to Daphne.

The best part about spreading it out over two days was the chance to actually have time to talk with everyone who came in. So many interesting people and new connections! Conversations with severals bookbinders and book artists sparked oodles of ideas for future collaborations and we may have a local typography teacher bring his class by the shop to see type in action.

Quinton, Cecelia, and our newest, cutest little printer Sophie

So now it's nose to the grindstone time as we're in the final stretch of prep for the stationery show (booth #2144). There are designs to finalize, a custom portfolio to assemble, displays to create, curtains to make, and all before next Wednesday. Here's a peek at the postcard sent out to potential retailers visiting the show (take a look at the registration!!!).

That's about all you'll hear from us until this madness has passed. But once again, thanks to everyone, and especially the Taza folks (Alex, Larry, Laura and Kathleen) for being such great neighbors and co-conspirators in this Paper & Chocolate extravaganza.

the fruits of collective labor

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