Express-ly Yours

On Wednesday and Thursday mornings of this week, Albertine Press was host to 50 burgeoning authors from a summer creative writing program called Writers' Express. These kids spend their days experiencing life and Boston - rock climbing, walking around new and interesting neighborhoods, visiting local businesses - and then using these experiences to inspire their writing.

Both groups of students patiently sat and listened to me go on and on about the history and practice of letterpress printing before digging in to a project of their own. Meet my visitors:

In preparation for each group, I typeset a page with little snippits from their writings.

Then they each in turn typeset their own names for the cover of the keepsake folio.

I had a great time watching them work, answering the myriad of questions, and finally helping them print their own copies.

Here are the final products:

It was a really special experience (okay, maybe just a little overwhelming) and I extend my thanks to the kids for being so great to work with, and the staff for helping me out. And I have a brand newfound appreciation for teachers, who manage this many students every day, all day long.

If the groups send over any of the writing inspired by the visit to the shop, I'll be sure to post it!

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Shelley, this is awesome!