Make a wish

I want to share three amazing presents that I got for my birthday earlier this week. First, Kelly brought me an original bingo book!

It's one of those journals you like so much you don't even want to write in it... I'll have to think of something really great to use it for. Maybe after the current Moleskine runs out, it'll become my next design notebook.

Next my grandmother brought me a homemade birthday "cake" challah - cinnamon raisin to boot! I've been eating two deliciously dense sweet slices every day at the shop for lunch.

Finally, Jacob found the perfect gift, called a Buddha Board. It's a flat board that darkens when wet. It perches prettily on a water tray with a brush and groved brush holder. Now whenever I get an idea I can paint it out on the board (or "doodle" while on the phone).

I'm working on a lighthouse design for a couple's Maine wedding. I admit that the top looks more like a candle, but the great thing about the board is that once the water dries, gone is the candle and I can try try again.

Here's hoping all of my new designs don't start to look like Japanese brush painting knockoffs.

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