Recraft Recap and T-shirt Madness

The Recraft Fair in Union Square last weekend went absolutely swimmingly.

We battled gusting winds, which earlier in the day were carrying off entire tents at the Farmer's Market. A few water gallon weights, a bus stop backstop, and judicious repositioning of the card display, and not a one of the cards flew off. Here's a picture of our little "bunker" (the white boxes and tins kept the direct gusts off of the rest of the cards).

There was a great mix of visitors to the fair with an extra-large helping of people in indy-hipster silkscreen shirts. After about a dozen super-cool tees paraded past, I started taking pictures:

I thought she might have been a bio-researcher (we're in bio-tech central, after all), but then Jacob exclaimed, "That's my favorite line from the movie!" Ghostbusters, that is. Nice.

This was one of my favorites, though I still can't figure out what the 'X' is supposed to be.

A bit disturbing, perhaps, but hard to tear your eyes away.

Sexy in spades.

Awesome Korean shirt - totally random, totally cool.

Plan on finding Albertine Press at a few more fairs this fall (stay tuned)!

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