Well, Oktoberfest was a mixed bag.

After a week of unseasonable but glorious warm, Sunday was typical chilly autumn and drizzly to boot. As Marisa and I struggled to protect the cards from early morning rain, I soon regretted my earlier decision against a tent location in favor of the smaller (and less expensive) table-only spots. We abandoned my typical tiered display in favor of showing all of the cards carefully protected under sheets of plexi-glass (bought spur-of-the-moment at my favorite hardware store across the street). Genius.

Bring on the rain!

Except that by mid-afternoon, not only had the rain cleared, but there was nary a cloud in sight. Sigh. Here's Marisa and Jacob before the clouds parted.

I launched two new products - circus t-shirts and tote bags. We managed to sell only one lonely shirt (even parents of a clown didn't buy one...) which I think had more to do with the booth two down from us, where they had mountains of t-shirts (seriously, at least 5' tall) for $3 each. Etsy, here come the shirts.

Sales weren't too bad, considering most people were just out and about for the spectacle, and we got a lot of interest in future classes (yay!).

My favorite part of the entire day was the mingling of the Honk Festival with Oktoberfest. A parade of New Orleans-style brass bands paraded down Mass Ave and ended amidst all the hubbub of the fair in full swing. The music was incredible and the energy invigorating. After the parade dissipated, bands continued to play on the corner across from the booth. Sweet.

Check out the sax player rocking to the beat (and see my favorite hardware store in the background).

Though comments from passers-by who told me they'd seen my cards in stores was encouraging, I'm not sure if I'll do the fair again next year (at least not two booths down from the t-shirt mountains). I am also glad I've only got one more outdoor market (thank goodness with a tent) this season!

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