A Pair of Pretty Printers and their Pretty Printed Pair

I spent the bulk of today in the studio with Angela. Together we editioned a series of holiday cards she designed with very talented illustrator Susy Pilgrim Waters. These cards will be for sale by Angela at our collective holiday Paper & Chocolate open studio in December (stay tuned for details) as well as Angela's other fairs this season.

We printed Susy's bird in the transparent ink first, which looked subtle, shadowy, snowy, delicate. But after printing "Season's Greetings" in red we both thought the contrast was just too much. With a Tim Gunn determination to "make it work," we decided to try overlapping another bird in red which brought it all together perfectly.

Here are the finished cards on lovely, textured, deckled, Fabriano medioevalis paper:

It is incredibly satisfying to fan out a long line of identical finished prints (just one of the many reasons why I so love printing).

What a perfect combination - a red and white card to accompany a gift wrapped with red and white twisted twine (which Angela was so kind to bring me).

What a pretty pair.

And Angela printing. You can see on the feed board that in addition to the Fabriano, we were printing the birds on many piles of miscellaneous papers that she brought or I scrounged from around the shop (the blue Pescia was especially nice).

Though we were both pretty pooped by the end of the day, it was wonderful to spend it printing and talking and collaborating together. So thank you Angela for being such a delightful printing companion and I'll look forward to our future work together!

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carta,inc. said...

Thank YOU Shelley to make me print all day at your amazing studio. You were the best help to make my idea to become real and visible on paper.
I couldn't stop yesterday night to look at our paired birds. What a beautiful day spent together, I will look forward to many more letterpress day, in the future.

All the best wishes for your wonderful work as a designer and printer!