Block and white

This past weekend I'd scheduled two wood block type holiday card letterpress classes. Due to random circumstances, only two of five students could make it to day one. So Kerry, Haven and I had a grand old time designing and printing new year's cards.

Above, Haven navigates the intricacies of setting wood type, and printing in two colors.

Below, two of the funniest, cleverest new year's cards ever:

Since it was such an intimate class, I joined in the fun by setting a card of my own. Surrounded by such uber-cleverness, here's my contribution to the day's efforts:

What a most fun and wonderful day - thank you Kerry and Haven!

Sadly, due to this:

I had to cancel Sunday's class.

Playing with the wood type was such fun, though, that there's definitely a wood type valentine's class in the works for early next year.

If the weather allows.

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