A taste of Italy

There's not much internet access for me while I'm traveling, but here are a few sneak peakeroos of the print-happy things Italy had in store for me.

Marisa and I spent a lovely yet intense four days printmaking and typesetting in Urbino, in le Marche province. Here's a photo of the studio where we were working:

And the single-digit century house where we stayed (with the maestro of the studio):

Of course, Italian typecases are laid out differently than English ones, but I was typesetting in Italian, so it made intuitive sense.

The composing sticks were single line.

This is Surgo, the ginormous proof press which I had to work on; hand inking only (not my forte, I discovered).

In the three actual days of printing I undertook an ambitious, eight-page, three-print-run-each, edition-of-sixteen book project (which I only *just* finished printing before we had to leave, though my carving suffered a little for the rush). Here are two of my favorite pages.

More pictures from the trip and more after my return this weekend.

Ciao ciao!

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Anonymous said...

I saw an article in the Globe this evening about your press. I'm in the process of designing note cards from my art work and would like to talk with you about custom work or collaboration. You can see my blog for a few sample illustrations: http://www.robsbrushwork.blogspot.com. Your work looks great!!!