Bound to be great

Yet another working weekend is over and with the holiday tomorrow (sort of, the coming and going of holidays is less pronounced when you work for yourself) I figured I could spare the time to post about another extraordinarily successful workshop.

Angela of Carta, Inc. and I created a new tag-team letterpress and bookbinding weekend. We came up with a collaborative journal project that would involve typesetting and printing poems or quotes on day one, and then binding them together on day two. I must say we were lucky to have such incredible students to work with.

Not only was everyone's page beautiful, but the group worked together to create an overarching unity to the project so that although each page was unique, there was nevertheless a real cohesiveness to the book. Bravo guys!

Once everyone had bound a practice soft cover journal (using very versatile pamphlet stitch) we attacked the pre-printed pages, all interleafed with blank pages to create a hard-cover journal. Stacked, pressed, and waiting for glue to dry, Angela took time to show off some examples of this and other binding techniques, opening a new world of possibilities to our newly minted bookbinders.

In order to decorate the soft cover "practice" books, Angela was kind enough to bring a cigar box full of amazing stamps from around the world. I think the idea was to place one or two or three to add some interest. But I also took her at her word when she said we could take as many as we liked (you may remember my affection for stamps) :

It's entirely possible that I have a new idea for some note cards...

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LOVELY Dee said...

Thank you very the great write-up; it is awesome. It was such a great experience to learn more about this type of art to two wonderful and experienced teachers; I wish both of them many blessings and much success.