Paper & Chocolate

I can hardly believe it's been a whole year since our first Paper & Chocolate, yet here we are having finished our second "annual" celebration of Valentine's Day. Our traffic has more than doubled with over 500 visitors to the event last weekend.

After the success of sharing space in December, I again invited some other paper artisans to join in the fun. Here's Melissa of Press Bound with her super-cute, super-tiny, hand-bound books with Polish paper cut designs [kindly ignore my awful office clutter in the background].

I was happy as ever to be joined by Kelly of May Day Studio, who made the trek from Vermont (even though it meant a canceled class). It's always refreshing to talk shop with Kelly: pros and cons of papers, various business concerns like teaching and marketing and what in the world are we going to do next...

Emily (a.k.a. E. B. Goodale) sold nearly all of her incredibly sweet etchings. I snagged one of the new chicken heart prints below.

And while I manned the press demonstrations in the back, my trusty salesman held down the fort.

Thanks to Becca, Kelly, Melissa, Emily and Jacob. Thanks to the gang at Taza for making sure the tour didn't end with the Chocolate but kept everyone moving onto the Paper. Thanks to Brandon for the much needed cocoa boost, and Brendan for a great collaboration. And especially, thanks to the 500+ friends, neighbors, compatriots, young and young at heart, who came in, talked, shopped, and spent a bit of their Saturday afternoon sharing the Paper & Chocolate love.

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