What the Fluff?

If you're not from New England you might not have heard of Marshmallow Fluff. Invented right here in Somerville, MA by one Archibald Query, it has been a beloved staple of children since the 1920's. Have you ever had a Rice Krispy Treat? The recipe was a collaborative, promotional invention of the Kellogg and Durkee-Mower companies. [The history of Fluff is actually really interesting.]

Not shy on local pride, Union Square Main Streets has organized it's third annual Fluff Festival, to take place on Saturday, September 27 (rain date on Sunday) from 4 until 7 in the afternoon. It's choc-full of cooking contests (with Fluff, of course), games for kids, live performances, Flufferettes, and oodles of fun.

This year they've even invited some crafty folk (us included ) to join in the fun. In honor of the event we've carved up a limited-edition Fluff card on the thickest, fluffiest paper we have for your viewing, buying, giving, mailing or hanging pleasure. Not in Somerville? Fret not - leftovers will be listed on Etsy after the event.

May the Fluff be with you!

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