I think I'm in heaven

About two weeks ago Dave and Beth from Hot Metal Services came by to service our Vandercook. They're in the very small field of yeoman traveling repairmen who circulate the country fixing up linotype & ludlow machines, and vandercook presses. Since we're across the hall from our own chocolate factory, Dave mentioned hearing about some chocolate letterpress type and I simply had to know more.

What I discovered was Typolade, a German company producing chocolate letters inspired by the letterpress hand-set type tradition. Or in their own words,
"Typolade - the sweet blend of typography and chocolate. In memory of the black art of type setting, we are producing letters out of high quality, handmade chocolate."

You can experience 48 point FagoMo Bold as a "typographic sensation of taste" or create "a moment of literal enjoyment" for another.

As Blayne would say, typelicious.