Violation of Parking Car-ma

We're long-time apartment-dwellers and seasoned street-parkers, yet we never stop getting frustrated at the inept parking of our neighbors. You know the guy - the one who leaves 3/4 of a parking spot between his car and the end of the street; or the one who parks *right* in the middle of a stretch of curb that clearly should hold two cars.

Instead of scribbling nasty notes on the back of a glove compartment napkin, I finally reprinted the mostly-friendly Parking Car-ma Violations to leave on windshields of offending parkers. Hopefully these people aren't selfish or mean, they just didn't realize what they were doing.

Here's hoping.

Want some? You can find them on Etsy, or from us at one of our local fairs.


Kerblotto said...

I like your idea. I do something similar, whenever I see a garbage parking job, I pick up a nearby piece of litter and put it under the wiper. I call it a "Garbage Ticket".

Rachael, Pistachio Press said...

Love these!

Ezra said...

Genius! They're almost too pretty to waste on a chump, though!

Shelley Barandes said...

Too pretty? Well, that's part of the charm. Lessen the sting a little; you're not just being rude, you actually *care*.

Or not.