2009 Calendars - take one

I'm excited to announce that the first of three new 2009 calendars by Albertine Press is ready and on sale at our Etsy store.

Inspired by all of the bookbinding we've been doing with Angela during our workshops, this year we are offering a limited-edition, miniature, hand-bound, hard-cover, accordion calendar.

The calendar features old-fashioned cuts from nature inspired by each month (at least up here in the north east) printed in a soft sage green. The month blocks are printed in a lovely gray ink. Inside paper is one of our favorites, a soft, 100% cotton Somerset velvet stock. It's also a signed and numbered edition of 70.

I just couldn't make up my mind about what paper to bind the covers in, so we went with four different hand-made papers: a hand-sponged speckled paper, a Florentine traditional pattered paper, and two hand-made Japanese papers (one textured, one smooth).

It's a really beautiful, little display calendar that will delight all year long.


e.b. goodale said...

These are so beautiful! Very elegant.

Poppy Letterpress said...

How gorgeous! And what an original idea for a calendar. Good to see that you're combining different techniques, it makes it all that more special.