For the love of marble

We are incredibly pleased to present the 2009 Albertine Press hand-marbled, letterpress-printed, limited-edition desk calendar. Last year's marbled calendar was so positively received (we had many requests for this year's months in advance) that we dug in and designed another.

Each page of the desk calendar (handily displayed in its clear jewel case) is a marbled original, meaning no two calendars are alike. After all of the marbling, we then letterpressed the date blocks onto the pages for a simple, elegant desk reference.

In paper marbling, paints are dripped, spattered and sprayed onto the surface of a tray of seaweed-thickened water (to keep the pigments afloat) and then drawn through with various tools to achieve particular patterns. When the desired pattern is reached a sheet of pre-treated paper is carefully laid down across the surface of the tray, thereby transferring the image. Then the process is started all over again.

As many of you know by now, letterpress prints are hand cranked through one of our antique presses, one at a time. A raised image is inked on its surface and literally pressed into the paper, achieving that impression we have come to know and love. After the treating, marbling, cutting, printing, checking, trimming and final assembly, we've lovingly handled each sheet of each calendar six or seven times.

This year we changed papers, opting for a recycled Mr. French pop tone sheet, in a variety of different colors. The final numbered edition is only 75 calendars, which are available online in our Etsy shop or directly from us at one of our holiday craft fairs.

May they all find good homes!


Anonymous said...

oooh, i think i'm going to get one!

rebekah said...

Merry Christmas!

Justin Miller said...

These are beautiful. I love the marbled paper.