Renegade Baby

Our Brooklyn adventure couldn't have happened on a more glorious weekend. It was a delightful way to spend two days outside, with friends, family, the babe, and surrounded by all kinds of craft-loving goodness. To start, a fabulous typography-loving shirt:

We shared our booth with Kelly of May Day Studio. Her books are simply divine, and I adore this shot of her display of the retro-found-fabric-covered journals.

Her Bingo Books drew in a lot of nice peeps, many of whom also got some of our little journals, too.

Sadie (here with her "auntie" Kelly) was absolutely peachy in her I Heart NY shirt and entertained us all.

We made god friends with our neighbors and did some fine bartering (my favorite was a new apron from Leah at Rustbelt Fiber Werks). Pics forthcoming.

Thanks to everyone for a splendiferous weekend, especially the Barandes clan for playing host in Brooklyn, and Rachel for pitching in!

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Samuel Zev said...

Were so sorry we missed you...sadie and Sam will have to meet another time.