Portland - letterpress pilgrimage

Portland is rife with great letterpress and during the trip I dragged my sister and the baby along to visit some of my favorites.

First stop in Portland's downtown Pearl district was Oblation Papers & Press. Jennifer and Ron Rich have built up a beautiful storefront / printshop and were gracious enough to give us a tour of the print and paper making facility in back.

Oblation's special claim to fame is the fact that they print on all of their own handmade paper. Here are the machines they use to soak and pulp the cotton for the paper making.

Beyond those damp, cottony rooms we headed into the print area, visible from the storefront. My favorite detail - the flywheel chandelier!

I love their beautiful nest-inspired invitations.

Lisa and Sadie discover some Albertine Press note sets out front.

Moving on we stopped by Lark Press. Love the doorstop.

It's a small storefront, but so well put together with wonderful old curiosities sprinkled in amongst the cards and goodies.

I love the space, especially the garage door front, typical in that area.

Lark Press has a lovely collection of Portland cards like this one here. Great use of the blind print.

Last, but certainly not least was a trip to Egg Press. Just a studio, but a lively one at that, with a lot of character (for example, their meter man).

Ah beasts, you old friends.

A silk screen set up for shirts and more.

Supersweet cards.

Thank you to everyone for opening your doors to us and letting me poke through your studios. Not just idle curiosity, I love seeing how others do things because I so often learn solutions to problems I didn't even know I had (and many that I did).

And with a dream of one day having a storefront studio of my own, it's such an inspiration to see others making it happen.


bridgett said...

What a lovely trip!


gilana said...

Thanks for sharing this -- fun to see!