Letter perfect

Earlier this week I received the loveliest piece of mail! Some of my favorite clients, Danielle and Ben, were kind enough to send me a copy of their completed invitation sets.

The jaw-droppingly gorgeous calligraphy is by Pier Gustafson. I love the string and the seal that they used to tie together the invitations. The couple is getting married in Mexico, so we used a simple agave motif throughout (they even used it on the seal, and found vintage stamps to match).

The beautiful idea behind the invitation was to send it as a letter to their friends and family. That personal touch combined with all of the vintage-inspired styling turned an ordinary invitation into something really spectacular.

Thanks for sharing and congratulations to you both!


gilana said...

OK, that's really weird -- just yesterday I was remembering buying a wonderful old fountain pen from someone and trying to remember his name or where to find him. It was, of course, Pier. Small world.

Unknown said...

Oh yeaaaaa! Aren't they lovely? Thanks for all your terrific work Shelley and the team at Albertine Press!