Checking in

Lots of new ideas have been spinning about in my head, scrambling to get out. I'm eager to draw and create, but often the time escapes me. It might be time to step back and look at my goals for this new year and see how we're doing.

1. More regular blog updates
They've certainly been more regular than the past year, and I've been taking a Blogging Your Way class with Holly from Decor8 which is helping shape my thoughts about where I'd like to see the blog, thinking which by nature has extended to the business as well. So even though there hasn't been a dramatic increase, I still feel like there's a lot more blog action going on.

2. finish the new accounting / inventory system switch

3. update the website with our latest designsIn progress - lists have been made, a Big Cartel account opened, and a photo session planned for this week. Not only will we update the designs on the site, but it's also time to update our online store fronts including Etsy, Big Cartel (the new host for our wedding collection) and Felt & Wire. Revised plan is to have all three operational by the beginning of March.

4. create new packaging for boxed sets of note cards 
Yes!!! While it needs some tweaking, I am super pleased with the new box design, which is actually the basis for a whole new collection and re-branding of all of our note cards (with potential for much, much more). I'm so invigorated by this fresh new packaging that I'm thinking of adding the NYIGF to our trade show schedule. It's a huge step but using the momentum of the launch could open our work up to an enormous new audience. Photos of the prototypes have been taken and submitted for promotion about two weeks ago. I'm letting it simmer for another few weeks before I re-address the little details and fine tune everything, but expect a sneak peek later this week.

5. prepare early for the Stationery Show
Angela and I have already had hours of discussion about the direction of this year's booth, and decided lots of the big things (though we're still hashing out the final design of the booth). I'm determined to ship the booth down by freight this year, rather than lug it myself in a van, so that will help keep things moving. New card designs still not finished (or in many cases started) but I know what I'd like to add so it's just a matter of sitting down and letting the ink flow.

6. organize a better schedule to manage and grow the business, find quality design time, raise my baby girl, and keep a happy home life
A constant work in progress, my husband and I are lucky enough to have somewhat flexible schedules, so we've begun a new plan which gives us both uninterrupted office time while still spending oodles of time with baby Sadie. Although I'd love a bit more time when I'm actually feeling the inspiration flow to work, I feel pretty on top of all current work. Huzzah.

New on the list is office re-organization. We're having some construction done the end of the month to make room for a lovely new (old) Heidelberg, courtesy of Matt and his up and coming print shop (a shop within a shop, if you will). Sharing the space is a valuable lesson in organization - I'm a total pack rat by nature and so we've accumulated lots of, well, clutter over the years. It's time to shed the excess which will also make us a more efficient place to work. Hopefully.

How about everyone else - keeping up with those resolutions?


Daughter Earth said...

sounds like great resolutions. i was feeling very motivated through january but have found I am slowing down a bit in february - thanks for reminding me to keep motivated!!

Mitzi Curi said...

I think we should allow ourselves a three-month window in which we can modify resolutions made in January.....it does look like you are doing quite well, though. This is my first visit to your blog and I think it's quite interesting, especially the discussion about the trade show. I've attended many trade shows with my folks, who used to own a gift and clothing boutique.