A night at the museum

Yesterday evening the MFA opened their doors to the public (free!) for the end of Art in Bloom. Fifty florists and garden clubs from the area donated spectacular arrangements inspired by the works of art throughout the museum and shown alongside their muse. To accompany it all were live musical performances: a children's gospel choir in the main rotunda, Spanish guitar and song in the European furniture room, a string quartet near the cafe, and many more.

It was exciting to look anew at the art and artifacts through the lens of another artist's interpretation; are they imitating color, texture, materials, or do the shape of the flower blooms themselves somehow speak to the lines or meaning in the art? Many of the arrangements were incredibly sculptural with single orchid blooms seeming to grow out of thin air (kept alive by tiny hidden "oases" filled with water), or the one above, incorporating plates and painted curly willows (inspired by the Karen Walker decals behind).

Some arrangements were incredibly literal, like this Metzinger above.

It was a studio and family field trip, and with little Sadie in tow we couldn't linger too long in any one place. We did, however, make a fine game of finding all the little "Albertines" in the Egyptian wing:

What a refreshing and inspiring break from all of the madness of business and life.

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