Booth building

The Stationery Show - we're nearly there after weeks and months of preparation. I'm excited and terrified and praying like nobody's business that everything will get done in time.

In the meantime, here's a peek at the booth building that had the whole shop turned upside down for a week. I love the paint color, a bright eggshell blue that is simply cheery. I also love it with the white accents of the shelves and frames.

How many Albertine's does it take to install a shelf? I find it extremely helpful to build the booth in the studio beforehand, to install all the hardware and find the drill holes, to be able to trouble shoot any problems visually or mechanically well before the show (trust me when I say that trying to fix these problems the day before the show is not the best use of anyone's time or sanity).

Of course it's a real trip to any visitors to the shop during this time to find this little room set up in the middle of the studio (still in progress above).

Our custom-built crate by Gus from Gentle Giant was a most perfect fit for all 500 lbs of booth walls, flooring and shelves. I'm hoping the cute little paint job we did on the trim will keep the transport company from losing our shipment. Would you believe they sent over a tiny little van to pick it up, even after I explicitly told them it was 8' long and would weigh 600 pounds? Luckily a proper truck returned later the same afternoon.

Fingers crossed that it's waiting for us when we get to the show on Friday for set up!

Coming to the show? Don't miss us - we'll be in Booth 2142, along with Angela of Carta, Inc.

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angela said...

The booth looks great! thank you all for the amazing work. I could never get to the show without you!