Michelle Willey - the trunk show

We had a really great trunk show this weekend at Michelle Willey's boutique in the South End.

We had a bunch of people wander in from Open Studios, but our best visitors were some of Michelle's devoted clientele, many from the design world, who were all such a treat to meet and, in many cases, introduce to letterpress!

I love this table that we set up on! Sadly, the hold-the-camera-above-your-head-and-use-autofocus method of shooting yielded a lovely but slightly blurry shot. I always wonder in cases like this what the camera thought it was focusing on, exactly.

We were able to use many of Michelle's vintage boxes and ephemera for display. This was great for me, as I'm always on the lookout for different kinds of display materials for our shows and many of these were just perfect (especially the wooden cheese boxes).

A different way to show off the Letterpress Library.

Michelle's husband Chris found this Kelsey but had never used it. With only one previous owner, it was in fantastic shape and adjusted beautifully for our print demonstration (I brought along rollers and a ready-made form in lockup - a cheeky Ruskin quote about printing).

I just adore Michelle's beautiful displays - the clean collection of house goods begs to be examined shelf by shelf for treasures. Everything is so deceptively simple in arrangement that I had to marvel at how after two days of being in the store, I was still finding shelves I'd missed.

Wooden pop-out birdie - this amazing Finnish design actually comes packaged as a postcard that you can mail for a friend to pop out and assemble.

Can you stand how gorgeous this display of nested bowls is?

Thanks to Michelle for being such a gracious host and to everyone who came by throughout the weekend - it was a real pleasure!

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