Scenes from an Open House

I couldn't have asked for a more warm and open place on such a dreary night for our very first event of the season. We were welcomed into the home of Jeremy and Siiri in J.P. along with three other crafters for an intimate evening of schmoozing and shopping.

Jeremy's ceramics are just gorgeous and this noodle-bowl above is a collaboration with Lucas of Black Cap Arts, who hand made the chopsticks that accompany the piece.


There were scrumptious truffles (and a vegan chocolate cake in the kitchen) by Pia of Bread and Beta (I know, brilliant company name).

And Jeanie sews and knits with beautiful colors and country flair.

Not pictured are some of Siiri's Prosperity Candles, made by woman in ravaged parts of the world to help them build a life for themselves and their families.

The night was made complete by the arrival of Dave from Sweet Basil in Needham, laden with four overflowing trays of just mouth-watering bruschetta. It was great fun to meet lots of new people and enjoy a pleasant evening in the company of new friends.


Bread and Beta said...

Shelley -
Beautiful photos and a great recap! I was honored to be a part of this event. I hope it becomes an annual activity!

Jeremy Ogusky said...

yes, schmoozing and shopping. It was fun

Thanks Shelley!