Journeyman - simply exquisite

I hope everyone in Boston  is now aware of Somerville's newest hidden gem, Journeyman.

Having worked with Tse Wei, Diana and Meg (chefs and co-owners) on all of the paper goods for the restaurant, Team Albertine was delighted to be able to celebrate our year end dinner together with the Journeyman team, enjoying the fruits of everyone's labor (pun intended).

The herringbone wooden panels behind us used to board up their front windows. It became the centerpiece of their decor and our designs for their cards and gift certificates. It really speaks to the heart of Journeyman - taking the local, the found, the ordinary and transforming it into something unexpected and extraordinary.

Our amuse bouches being plated.

Seasonal salad - much appreciated by all of the color and design enthusiasts at the table.

I am no food critic, and so direct you to reviews here. What I can do is recommend you try Journeyman for yourself - I have no doubt you'll find it worth your while!

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