Sadie at the NYIGF - Winter 2011

It's that time again - Sadie takes us through the highlights of the NYIGF.

First stop is Albertine Press, of course, where Sadie shows off some of Mommy's cards to Bert and Ernie.

We spent a good half an hour playing with the adorable bookend/doorstops at Z√ľny. Here, Sadie is introducing the pig to the penguin family.

You can always count on good coloring opportunities at 9spotmonk with their color-in greeting cards, place mats and clocks!

Bert and Ernie got tucked into some sweet Swedish textiles for naptime at our next-door-neighbors Brita Sweden.

Perhaps a bit overwhelmed by all the "letters" on the pillows in the Alexandra Ferguson booth.

We explored the rocketship at the Kidsonroof booth (great Dutch cardboard kids' design) but ended up taking home two of the doll houses in the background (for Ernie and Bert, of course) as well as one of their pop-up play houses (a bit less tall than this rocket) which now lives in the studio.

Sadly, by the time Sadie visited, the Baby section had already closed, but not before I could walk through and scope out some of the latest and greatest toys and clothes - several items in the new spring line by Zutano made my shopping list and will be modeled during our NSS 2011 tour.

Beyond the things above, Sadie also made out with a pink and white spotted rubber ducky, one giant plastic purple button, one butterfly sticker and a Hindu rabbit-eared doll,  Some days it just pays to be small and cute.

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Tina said...

How cute! Joie Studio's little boy has the exact same Bert & Ernie! See you and Sadie in May!