Views from a workshop

It's been a long time since I taught a workshop. Albertine is busier than ever; toss in a two-year-old and you can imagine that free weekends are precious. I did, however, squeeze one in this past weekend, and remembered how much I love teaching and working with new people.

I had a fantastic bunch of students. Everyone picked up the intricacies of typesetting pretty readily, and I had perfectly wiggle-free typeset lines from all. There was even some pretty challenging projects, like this hand-set calendar page.

Besides the actual workshop, one of the things I love about hosting them is that it forces me to clean the studio. Nothing encourages one to finish up projects and tidy the space like being visited by strangers who will be rooting through everything! (not to mention needing space to work)

Four amazing two-color projects, all in a day's work. Thanks to Tiffany, Ruth, Matt and Marissa for all of your hard work and enthusiasm!

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Marissa said...

Matt and I can't stop talking about what a fantastic time we had last weekend!! Thank you thank you thank you! :D