Art in Bloom

Monday I went to my favorite annual exhibition at the MFA, Art in Bloom. Over 70 professional florists and garden clubs create decorative and sculptural floral arrangements inspired by works of art throughout the museum. The flowers are displayed side by side with the art for one weekend only. It's a fabulous way to get a taste of the entire collection by spending a few minutes in each room focusing on one work of art in a whole new context. Plus it's a fun scavenger hunt to try and find them all.

The inspiration art ranges from the very contemporary to ancient Egyptian, furniture design to classical portraits. I find it exceptional to see both literal and liberal translations of the works into flowers.

On the last evening the doors are open to the public and the museum hosts various musicians to play in different courtyards throughout the museum.

No flowers in that one, I just love how very meta it is to have those particular paintings hanging in that particular gallery.


Sadie said this one looked like Candyland.

And taking a breather - it's a lot of museum to cover in one night!

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