Views from a booth - NYIGF

After weeks of crazy and about a year of planning, scouring flea markets, Ikea and Home Depot, a finished booth. Cool and industrial to contrast our soft cotton-y goodies.

Alligator clips on a curtain wire worked beautifully for the card display. Much more versitile from show to show - I can reorganize the cards in any fashion that makes sense for the season.

The Letterpress Library always looks spiffy, but especially so in its drawer/shelf/shadowbox.

Welcome new journals! Ten city scape journals were a big hit, and lots of requests for other cities are pouring in (Toronto, Boston, Manhattan, just to start).

It's true, j'adore Kelly's new "field" pattern - so springtime and happy!

A little Hipstamatic shot of Angela's gorgeous spools.

"Anthropologie-style" shadow boxes of vintage glassine envelopes and stamps, making mighty fine use of the mighty magnets, thank-you-very-much.

Last, but certainly not least, I love our new signs by Woodland Manufacturing. I can't say enough about their amazing service - we had a shipping snafu and nearly didn't have signs for the show, until super-Molly did a two-hour turnaround and overnight-Saturday-delivery shipping to get us a new set in time. Amazing. Thanks, guys - these were the icing on the cake!

Stay tuned for Sadie's walkthrough later this week.


Melissa said...

Looks awesome! Congrats on a job well done. Hope the show went well for you all!

plastic cards said...

I love the wire+alligator clip display idea. Very cute.