Sadie at the NYIGF

It's that time again - Sadie's recap of NYIGF, winter 2012!

We stopped by to visit our friends at Smudge Ink where we admired the wall of gift wrapped presents as well as snagged some swag (a greeting card with turtles).

Just down the aisle we picked up a green duckie to complete our collection from the kind folks at Elegant Baby.

The merits of the "Cutie Pie" plate are pointed out in the Jane Jenni booth.

We j'adored the gorgeously fun pop-out, build-it-yourself, letterpress town card by the ladies at One Canoe Two.

Considering a switch to mid-century modern after test driving some of the mini-versions at Little Nest.

Soooo many things to see in the Crow and Canary booth. Sadie spotted some familiar pieces by Pie Bird Press (which we have hanging up at home).

The pennant garland was also given the Sadie stamp of approval.

Examining the color and pattern variations on the paper weights by The Great Lakes.

We spotted many "familiar" things at Chewing the Cud, and those that weren't now are (because we placed our own little order of these fabulous canvas baskets).

Still in love with the star lamps at Artecnica, Sadie even walked away with one of her own. When asked which one she liked the best (and just look at all those amazing colors!) she picks white. Well, it's classic and star-colored, I'll give her that.

Hand-embroidered piƱata pillows attracted Sadie because of all the candy spilling out.

I picked up one of these Finnish birds in blue at Michelle Willey about a year ago and we loved seeing more of them living in the cut-out trees. I cannot remember who makes them, so if anyone can help me out here, I'd appreciate properly referencing these!

And after lunchtime back at the booth we get a surprise visit from cousin Leila and Bubbie Cookie, there to take Sadie home.

Thanks for the tour, kiddo!

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Murray said...

The trees are beautiful. Would also like to find out who they are by.