Sadie at the NSS 2012

This post is so late in coming, but as we gear up for the IGF next week (so soon! too soon!) I found this draft and thought it time to edit and upload.

the crate arrived intact and setup went smoothly enough
So... back in May we exhibited at the National Stationery Show, where we are always happy to catch up with old friends, get facetime with many of our favorite clients, and see what's new in the stationery world. At the time I was also five months pregnant.

Angela putting the finishing touches on the table - also, it's not your imagination, our booth tilted to the right
As always, I brought Sadie along one morning to walk the show with me - see what there was to see through my favorite pair of little eyes.

Sadie and ladybug at the 9SpotMonk booth

These balloons by My Own Pet Balloon were *the* giveaway at the show. There was a veritable parade of grown men and women with dinosaur, dog and cow balloons "walking" along behind them. So of course it was the first stop of the morning for Sadie to pick out her own pet ladybug.

We took Mr. Ladybug (or miss, I honestly don't remember what she named it) to 9SpotMonk where Sadie drew some pictures on some of their newest color in cards.

At Sadie's insistence, the resulting masterpiece was proudly hung on the Albertine wall, alongside the other greeting cards.

We stopped for a faux cupcake at the Divine Twine booth, whose twine was also displayed like a cake tower.

Of course the blue of their walls just called out to me, being nearly the exact shade of blue that our booth was the past two years. Such a refreshingly bright color.

Feeling a little suspicious visiting our friends at Fugu Fugu Press.

Sadie points out some of her favorite new patterns of gift wrap by Kelly at May Day Studio.

We collected a notebook and admired the bunting at Pistachio Press.

Sadie met little Lincoln and we both admired the new digs of Old Tom Foolery, a far cry from the stark simple white booth across the way from us last year. Nicely done, guys!

Sadie found a comfy spot to sit and draw in Wild Ink Press, whose ombre booth walls were well documented on their gorgeous blog pre-show

They also had some of my absolute favorite cards of the show (letterpressed, of course)...

not to mention the super awesome keychain giveaway!

Eventually Sadie and the ladybug came "home" to roost at the Albertine Press / Carta Inc booth.

some of Angela's cards, journals, ribbons and vintage glassine
our giveaway stamps and measuring tape calendars - the matchbook journals we made were gone after two days
the Albertine Press Letterpress Library note sets

Thanks for the visit, peanut!

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