This is an invitation that I designed and printed about six weeks ago, but for obvious reasons, couldn't post until now. I love any excuse to play with wood and metal type and I'm just in love with the way this turned out.

Daphne and I spent the bulk of the day over at Stu Rosner's photo studio (just down the hall!!!) where we (he) painstakingly photographed each and every greeting card that Albertine Press carries. We even managed to squeeze in some group shots before going cross-eyed from all the strobing flashes.

These photos will be fully integrated into the new and improved website, which is well on it's way with many thanks to an old down-under roommate, Shannon.

There is still the matter of photographing the custom printing ensembles, but I may have to call in favors from other photographers for that one... (let's just say that I think we've worn out Stu's patience for product shots for the next fifteen years or so).

This weekend is going to be a very exciting print weekend - some uber-fabulous business cards, a few sets of notecards, and our very first ever poster project. Not to mention three custom designs to get on top of. Stay tuned for details and shots next week!

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