Secret Codes

After much hemming and hawing I've finally redesigned the website (I wanted to go sleek, chic and with some serious cheek). Okay, rhyming aside, web-geek friends have convinced me of the virtues of CSS (cascading style sheets) as opposed to bulky tabular html, and in hopes of a more streamlined site I've decided to take a bite out of the CSS apple.

Now, I'm a fairly proficient hand-coder (for non-webdesign people that means I write out the code for my website in text edit with no help from dreamweaver or any other webdesign software), so I figure, sure, I can learn this CSS stuff, right?


The concepts and theories I understand, but spending late evenings (after long days of printing and general business-ing) trying to make things look "just so" has me exhausted and totally flummuxed, and less convinced than ever that this is the perfect solution to all of my problems.

So, here are some snapshots of the site (as composed in InDesign) as I would love it to be. Yes, I can make this with tables, etc., but I'm still willing to give this accessibility/flexibility thing a chance. If there are any CSS whizzes out there who'd be interested in a little one-on-one tutorial, or perhaps a little barter for your expertise (letterpress printed business cards, anyone?), please please please: save me.

The home page. Left column a mini "Hot off the Press" with all the latest news.

The page highlighting the greeting card designs.

And of course, most importantly, where you can find our fabulous wares!

The rest of the pages are also "designed", but I don't want to give away everything before it's done.

I'm sure it goes without saying that all designs above are (c) 2007 Albertine Press. Steal the site and I'll hunt you down and sic upon you very very bad things.

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