Designer's Sketchbook

I have long wanted to create a new section on my website called "Designer's Sketchbook". For most new commissions I produce a series of original designs, only one of which is selected as their favorite. But often my favorites are not on that list. So here I sit, with a collection of perfectly wonderful, unused designs just itching to make it to the bigtime.

For instance:

(c) 2007 Albertine Press so don't even think about it!

These intertwining tree silhouettes would be oh-so-lovely in a barely-there tan ink, with a burnt orange accent for the names (changed to protect the innocent) for a fall wedding; or a transparent early spring green for a spring or summer affair. I've always loved the idea of trees growing together as wedding imagery, but until now haven't achieved it to my liking.

I'd like to post this and other never-been-printed designs to my "Sketchbook" section, hoping it'll be to someone else's liking as well.

Right after I update images for the already-been-printed collection, that is...

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