The birds and the bees...

...and the flowers and the trees.

Seems to be a theme for last week's print jobs, though some pretty different design styles.

First, a super-sweet engagement party/birthday party/bastille day/summer bbq invite. Given another chance at this, I might try a forest green in place of the brown for a more summery feel. I need to start resisting the urge to automatically reach for the can of chocolate brown ink (it's that darn chocolate factory across the hall... chocolate smells wafting... mmm... chocolate...).

The second was the continuation of the blue-footed booby invitations. The booby does make an appearance on these as well, on the closed right flap to the main invitation (not shown) as well as on the reply envelope.

I managed to achieve some pretty fetching alignment, despite printing edge to edge on soft deckled paper (no overage or cropping allowed, ack!). In the end, I signed myself up for about four extra print runs in order to accommodate the design.

The central portion is definitely sneaking into the custom collection book before it's finished! (thanks, Kathy, for giving me some really great imagery to work with!)

If it weren't for the birds and the bees we wouldn't be needing this birth announcement. It's also part of the new custom collection book which debuted at the stationery show last month. There's a "girl" version as well, in purple and pink (not to gender stereotype or anything).

Yes, it's a fake announcement - if the arrival date wasn't a giveaway, I hope the name was. Boy, the things I do to amuse myself...

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Anonymous said...

Those invitations are *especially* gorgeous.