No kite in sight

But we did have Ben Franklin visit us at the 4th annual Printing Arts Fair!

It was a most beautiful day, full of wonderful people, lumbering old machines, cards, books, and maybe a little dust (stupid road construction).

Kelly, "Ben" and me (just look at his shoes!).

It's possible, that I might have brought just a few too many cards...

I was very happy to see Kelly of May Day Studio at the fair. I love her bingo books!

My favorite letterpress thing man, John Barrett (nice hat!).

Fellow Somerville-ian Ezra from Rainy Planet Press.

Here's Monica and John from the North Bennett Street School bookbinding program. Last year John was kind enough to impart his three-ring-binder binding skills so I could create our new custom design album.

It was absolutely lovely to spend the afternoon surrounded by my fellow printers and book craftspeople, seeing everyone's latest work, planning future collaborations (paper marbling later this summer!!!), and making mischief in general.

Three cheers for all of these fine folks, plus Jesse at Firefly, Angela from Carta, Leslie of Seadog Press, Gardner at the Museum of Printing, and especially all of the visitors, hobbyists and enthusiasts who came for helping make the day such a pleasure and success!

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