Let it snow

It's been some week.

The print count is hovering around 3,000 (not counting two-color runs, which puts it closer to 5000, or the 1000 business cards that I'll be printing tomorrow) all of which have been folded and packaged for selling at the fairs, which begin this weekend.

The shop is also undergoing a huge transformation (read, cleaning), painting frames and hanging things, organizing, tossing out scraps too small to use, hefting tables into new arrangements, and hiding everything else. All in prep for Paper & Chocolate. I wish I'd taken "before" pictures, but I'll certainly have "after" ones on Sunday.

There has also been busy-ness sewing a new table covering for fairs (bright sunshiny golden yellow), painting a new banner, and staining new display boxes.

Plus the regular ongoing design work (some exciting projects in the pipeline).

Oh, and in all the spare time allowed by 14 hour days I designed and printed some new coasters. So, while I swore left and right and up and down that I'd leave the Paper & Chocolate promo first on the blog for the rest of the week, I just loved them so much I was motivated to post anyway.

Though printed as coasters, just punch a hole and hang them as ornaments.

Packs of a dozen, four of each design. Get 'em while they're hot! Or while it's cold.

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