Honestly, I was skeptical about how our first holiday fair would go. I'd been moved inside (after signing up for an outdoor spot) to a basement lounge without much lighting, and awkward spaces. I was worried about how it would look, and I was worried about people even finding the place, forget about coming downstairs and looking around.

I was wrong.

Living up to every previous Union Square (Somerville) market, this one was thriving. Toast Lounge was the perfect spot with eclectic yet charming spaces (one soap vendor displayed gorgeously along a wavy bar), a great mix of vendors, fantastic live music, and it was hopping with people the entire time. In short, a smashing success.

Here's the initial setup - holiday cards on the table, and non-holiday cards on the shelves (for the most part) allowed me enough room to splay out the calendar for everyone to see.

My table was directly across from the stage, and each of the four acts throughout the afternoon kept me toe-tapping and happy (though at the very end everyone was too engrossed in the music to turn around and shop...).

And at the end of the day (notice the dearth of coasters...) :

After all this I dropped everything off at the shop, had a quick dinner at home, and then returned the the shop to clean and organize for the big event the next day - Paper & Chocolate - photos to come.

Thanks Toast. Thanks Mimi and Union Square Main Streets. Thanks Somerville. You all rock.

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