Whiz bang pop fizz snap crackle baz biz

This was my first Bazaar Bizarre, and it was very exciting: lines starting an hour before doors opened, steady streams of happy craft shoppers, lots of great fellow vendors, and I had the display down to a science. And I got to show off my fancy new Susy Pilgrim Waters t-shirt (one person even recognized it!)

Before the madness began I took a little walkabout to see the goods. Way across the hall, Ezra and Terri from Rainy Planet Press had their Kelsey set up for emblazoning Moleskines in addition to their Pirate cards and more (I got a great happy birthday card).

Here's a look at the crowds.

Our biggest sellers: Papercut Coasters, Last Duck holiday cards, and the blue and green World Notes. In general, this year's trends were skulls, robots, monsters and bicycles. Pleased to say, we carry none of the above. I think nearly every stationery table had some sort of bicycle card. I ended up with a few, since I have bike friends:

What fun would it be without sharing all the swag I captured. The monster patches really were too cute and I picked up at least three of the "I Make Stuff" ones for gifts.

I also filled a bag at the Repro Depot table before all of the madness started. Lots of projects bubbling away inside my little head.

Though I considered it a successful show, other vendors who'd done it in years past seemed to indicate that it was slightly sub-par in attendance. I don't know, but I had a steady four to eight people in front of the table nearly the whole time.

Marisa headed up the Albertine Press / Marisa Escolar table at the Baz Biz San Francisco yesterday, in it's first year. She reported that many people came up to the table who had heard of us, both on Etsy and in a few local stores. It's terribly exciting to be recognized across the country. We've come a long way from that teeny, tiny, poorly-heated space up in Lynn, that's for sure.

For more photos of the event (by all sorts of people) click here.

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