Down to earth

About a week ago Boston launched a new green trade show D2E - Down to Earth. I'd passed on an invitation to be a vendor, however, good friends of ours, Tim & Alex found it to be a great venue for promoting their new company, CO2 Stats.

The show was great with a wide range of exhibitors ranging from green builders to Zipcar, with oodles of eco-friendly mom-and-pop shops making food products, clothing, and cleaners. And of course free ice cream at the Ben & Jerry's booth. I realized how small a community Boston is when I knew someone at every third booth we visited.

In exchange for some last minute setup help, they were kind enough to offer me a little table to exhibit some of our printed goods. In a matter of an hour, Melissa and I scrambled to complete a small display book in a modified accordion style. We skipped the glue and instead used my new favorite toy - the acid-free, permanent, double-sided adhesive tape gun. It looked pretty super in the end.

Far less bulky than our traditional custom book, it nevertheless allowed us to showcase some of our favorite projects. Who knows if anything will come of it, but now we have a snazzy little book to carry around to fairs.

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