I'll take "A Mulligan" for $800, Alex

We were approached by graphic designer Lorelei Grazier to print some business cards for an independent film producer.

It was an ambitious, hot little project to be printed in silver and black with a full silver bleed on the back. Having tested our silver ink on a swatch of Plike paper by Gruppo Cordenons, we knew it would be far more vibrant than our cotton stocks. And with the "is-it-plastic-is-it-suede?" texture, I'd been dying to use the paper for ages.

The silver was punchy, the black incredibly sharp and crisp, and we ended up printing a debossed crow on the front to help punch him out on the back (and man, it looked pretty cool even on the front).

We thought we had the perfect project.

That is, until this week when we discovered that the paper is uber sensitive to, well, everything. Other colored papers which are normally well-behaved left stains on the perfect bright white fronts. So did the silver ink, so no stacking these cards. And it's prone to finger-printing which dulls the silver.

Sigh. We thought we had the perfect project.

While I expect to encounter serious problems from time to time, it's so utterly disheartening when a job that you think went perfectly just disintegrates before your eyes. And sadly, upset client interactions stick with you much longer and more vividly than the happy ones.

Hopefully that only serves to make us better printers.

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