Seeing Green

Several months ago I was approached by the Friends of the Public Garden to design and print the invitations for their annual Green and White Ball. It's an ambitious project consisting of many pieces, and one of the challenges was to redesign the cumbersome set of invitation, sponsor cards, reply card, thank you notes in a more elegant and simple fashion.

The final design was a single book structure, each piece of which had a different original illustration from the Public Garden (swan boats, statues, bridges).

I used Italian, cotton, loose-weave ribbons from Carta, Inc. This is what a mound of over 700 cut ribbons looks like:

Each step took a day or more. After the ribbons were cut they needed to be threaded through the outer book leaf. This is just a few hundred of the be-ribboned covers:

Of course, while cutting and ribbon threading were happening on one side of the room, on the other I had The Beast churning out invitation pieces.

Invitation panels then were affixed onto the inner leaf of the structure, which involved many fine hours and a newfound love-hate relationship with our tape gun.

Though the timing of the project set our Stationery Show preparations back a few weeks, I am so utterly delighted with the result. I can't wait to hear the responses from the invitees...

A humongous thank you must go out to Daphne, Becca, Melissa and Will for their tireless (though not un-complaining) help in creating these amazing invitations. Until next year.

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Anonymous said...

Those are incredible!

My wife and I are just getting started with a table top letterpress. We can't wait to dive in.