Lots cookin'

It has been a busy time here at the studio. We've wrapped up the summer wedding invitation season (nearly), held classes, hosted open studios, and all while trying for dear life to prepare for the National Stationery Show next weekend in New York City.

Thus the lapse in any kind of regular blogging.

So here goes a recap of the whirlwind of happenings:

Two weekends ago we welcomed six talented students for a second weekend Limited Edition Journal workshop with Angela Liguori. Everyone worked hard to create some really original typeset pages, and made great use of the brackets which were our second color and coordinating element amongst all of the pages.

Day two, Angela led everyone at a much more relaxed pace through the simple-yet-beautiful pamphlet stitched, hard-bound books. For more, visit here or here.

Next up. Last weekend we participated for the second year in Somerville Open Studios. After New York City, it's the largest open studios weekend in the country, with over 300 participating artists. That doesn't even count the "unofficial" ones, like E. B. Goodale, or Melissa Gruntkosky of Pressbound, both who exhibited in the studio with Albertine Press.

I love Pressbound's new series of mini books with art deco covers. It was a great find we made when trekking up to look at a press on the north shore. Melissa was smart enough to snatch up the batch of cuts and has put them to great use here.

Emily's prints are a charming as ever. I still need to get me a lonely violet print before they're gone. On a different note, Emily has a collection of animal figurines and every time she shows somewhere she brings a different set to use for her business card display. These horses made my day.

Of course for us, Open Studios was our first chance to display and sell some of our newest designs. So here they are, Jet Set:

If you know about my little stamp obsession, you might understand how completely thrilled I am at how these came out. In fact, they've been chosen as part of the National Stationery Show's Best New Product display! I'm still fine tuning the packaging - vinyl folders are easy and showcase four of the six designs, but not so classy. I'm leaning towards glassine envelopes - the kind you get your stamps in at the post office. How perfect?

I can't wait to share some more of the new cards and some pretty spectacular projects underway. Until then...

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