Printing for the blind?

Another of this season's big trends (right after maps) has been utilizing letterpress's unique and luscious feature: the blind deboss. We run the paper through the press sans ink for the beautiful and subtle effect of design that is texturally tactile and bears a second look.

Often we use the blind print to add a quiet repetition of the design motif on the reply cards while keeping the card simple and clean, like the map above (*two* of this season's trends rolled into one!) and the orchid below.

Michelle and Mikhail designed their own invitations and made the blind print the centerpiece of the set, really showing off the letterpress effect.

[Why all the cities? The two decided that rather than have all of their friends and family travel to one big wedding party, the bride and groom would travel to *them* - thus a five-city whirlwind wedding week. Each guest then received a second piece inviting them to their city-specific party.]

Photo copyright and courtesty of Melissa Coe Photography.

Lastly we have a set of note cards for local photographer Melissa Coe. The blind print shows off her logo without interfering with written messages to clients. She snapped this photo during a press check last week. Thanks, Melissa!

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