Steamrollers! Behold!

If you're in the Boston area this coming Sunday, bring your dad out for a real Father's Day celebration! We'll have old machines cranking away (what dad doesn't love to tinker with old mechanical stuff), plus printing demonstrations and the special treat for the day:


That's right, we're going to run a steamroller over piles of carefully inked, hand-carved linoleum blocks for some of the largest prints you've ever seen. 26 local letterpressers are carving alphabet blocks for the day's big print - an alphabet of type and book arts (or just letters).

Did I mention that we'll be there? Along with a host of other printers, binders and book artists for all of your paper wishes.

Sponsored by the Letterpress Guild of New England and hosted by (and benefiting) the Museum of Printing in North Andover, Massachusetts.

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