Paper love

While too busy greeting visitors, giving press demos and playing "pass-the-baby," I didn't get a chance to take any photos from this weekend's Paper & Chocolate event. As luck would have it, one Ryan Maxwell not only took some beautiful shots, but generously shared them with me for the blog.

This is my favorite - I just love the composition of the shot. It's exactly the feel I want to frame my product shots from now on.

The 'hohoho' was the lockup for our print demo - gift tags that visitors could print and take with them. On the platen of our Beast were ghost prints from the latest run of Taza gift boxes.

For more of Ryan's beautiful photos, including shots from Taza, visit his Flickr stream.

Thanks Ryan, and thanks to the 2500+ visitors to 561 Windsor, especially those who ventured upstairs to our little paper haven. Thanks to Melissa, Kelly, Angela, Matt and Becka for sharing your work, and a big thanks to Jacob who braved the cold lobby to spread the word and send people upstairs.

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