The year of the mustache

If the mustache explosion in your blog reader didn't make it clear, then a quick tour around the Bazaar Bizarre could only confirm that 2009 is indeed the year of the mustache.

My favorite (and one I took home) was "The Tiny Little Mustache Stick" by The Small Object. I adore tiny things and this was just too precious.

Two aisles over and directly across from our table was Fuzzy Ink, a shop dedicated to all things mustache (tag line: "it'll grow on you"). With t-shirts aplenty, I just couldn't get over their "monster fuzzies."

Also on view, these mustache vinyl decals from favorite retro pop artist Jenn Ski.

After discussing the plethora of mustachios with fellow vendors, what appeared in my Google reader the very next day but this dog mustache chew toy. Yes, a rubber ball with a mustache on the front to turn your pet from "mongrel to mogul" in one bite.

And just in case you thought this was a passing fancy, here's a photo of our own little ring leader from July:

Interested in more mustache goodies? Check out the collection assembled on the Nook blog. How long could this possibly last?

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gilana said...

I noticed that! I think Magpie might have had some of Bread & Badger's mustache mugs, too.